Agricultural ponds under MGNREGS empower farmers

Kesinga: The construction of agricultural ponds in farmland under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) has helped farmers in this block in Kalahandi district achieve self-sufficiency through better crop yields, according to a report.

The success achieved by Murali Sahu, from the village of Balsi in this block, through the construction of agricultural ponds within the framework of the rural employment program, is an example of this.

Sahu, a small farmer from the village of Balsi, dug a small agricultural pond measuring 15X12X3 cubic meters out of his 20 decimal places of land. During the 2021 kharif season, the block experienced erratic rainfall due to abnormal weather conditions.

Most of the cultivated area in the block suffered losses as there had been no rain at the time of establishment. However, Sahu did not suffer much as he had dug a farm pond in his farmland with the help of the SC and WD department.

The farm pond has greatly helped Sahu irrigate his paddy field. Sahu saved his crop by irrigating with the water available in his farm pond. He used a 1.5 HP motor pump to supply water to his farmland.

Not only Sahu, but more than 200 farmers were able to save their crops by using water from the ponds on the farm. This year, the agriculture department launched a plan called “Farm Pond Plus,” said Satya Narayan Achary, ASCO of Kesinga.

He said that “Farm Pond Plus” is not a program but an approach that helps farmers to double their income from agricultural ponds by bringing together the activities of the departments of agriculture, horticulture, fisheries. and breeding.

Reports indicate that more than 55 projects are covered by an integrated farming system in this block.

The horticulture department helps with mini kits of vegetables, papaya, drumsticks and lime seeds to plant on the bunds of the farm’s ponds while the fisheries department provides fry at subsidized rates.

Likewise, the Department of Agriculture provides legume seeds, agricultural kits, mustard kits and pumps to beneficiaries at subsidized rates while the Department of Livestock provides training and assistance for the establishment of ‘duck breeding units as well as poultry units and other authorized activities.

As a result, Farm Pond and ‘Farm Pond Plus’ have proven to be a godsend for farmers who have doubled their income.


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