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Each loan company sets its own rules, in which you will find information on what requirements must be met to apply for a quick loan online. Analysis of the terms of the contract, including The rules for granting loans are the first step you should take before completing your loan application. The basic requirements to be met by all Polish lenders offering quick loans via the Internet are Polish citizenship, possession of an ID card, own bank account and mobile phone.

Some loan companies introduce an age criterion. People aged 18 or older may have a limited number of fast internet loan offers available.

Many lenders follow the “borrow responsibly” principle. What does it mean? Loan companies want to borrow, but only to reliable persons and those who have the opportunity to repay the loan. If you have no stable income or your data appears in the registers of debtors, then you are not an ideal candidate for a borrower. A non-bank loan company may reject your loan application. You can always find the list of registers that the lender checks on the lender’s website.

Payday advance online: cash transfer within the hour


Are you thinking of taking a payday advance online? Take advantage of payday advance online available on website.

What does ranking look like? Most often in one table, you will find most loan offers available on the Polish market. You will learn how much you can borrow, for how long and what are the conditions for obtaining a loan. With one click you will be able to move to the loan form located on the website of the loan company. This is a convenient option, thanks to which you will be able to make a preliminary selection of non-bank institutions offering quick loans via the Internet.

In the loan statements, you will find the so-called payday loans (loans for a short period of time, e.g. 30 days) and installment loans. It is worth using promotions prepared by loan companies. Non-bank institutions compete with each other for a client, so they offer free loans for new clients.

Are our fast online loans available for pensioners?

Are fast online loans available for pensioners?

Seniors often have a difficult financial situation. The source of financial problems for the elderly is, among others, insufficient retirement benefits in relation to their needs. People of advanced age are struggling to make ends meet today. There is a shortage of money for everyday expenses and for paying rent or electricity bills. One should not forget that older people are often sick. The purchase of medicines is straining your wallet. The death of a spouse can also lead to a difficult financial situation, which, unfortunately, is an unavoidable situation at an advanced age.

From a loan company’s point of view, a person who is a pensioner is not a good customer. Financial possibilities that determine the timely repayment of a quick loan online for an elderly person are much smaller than for a professionally active person. As shown by studies carried out by the Credit Information Bureau and the InfoMonitor Economic Information Bureau, every 14th person who appears in the registers of debtors is senior.

Is the pensioner deprived of financial support in the form of a quick loan over the Internet? The answer is no. It is certainly much more difficult to get a loan at an advanced age, but it is not impossible. Check out our ranking of financial institutions where seniors can apply for quick loans online.

Is a quick loan over the internet a good solution?

Many people, at all ages and at various stages of their lives, may experience financial difficulties. In the absence of savings, any unexpected situation such as sudden illness, car or home equipment failure is an impulse to seek financial support from a family, apply for a loan at a bank or loan company.

An online loan is certainly very convenient – minimal requirements, little formalities, can be obtained without leaving home. But is it always a good solution? First of all, use quick loans online only if you have a temporary financial problem. Lack of money for entertainment is not a problem, it’s just a whim.

Do you know what a debt spiral is? I hope you won’t have the chance to find out. We warn against borrowing money from other non-bank companies just to pay off the previous loan company or other creditors.

If you do not have a stable income and if you know that you will not have money to pay back the loan in due time, do not borrow. Some loan companies allow you to extend the repayment period, but for an additional, often high fee.

Fast online loans will work for people who have a steady income and are confident that they will be able to settle their obligations in line with the contract.

Why was the application for a quick loan over the internet rejected?

Why was the application for a quick loan over the internet rejected?

 Loan companies are happy to lend, but only to reliable borrowers. What does it mean? If you have unpaid receivables, whether towards banks, non-bank institutions or business entities, you are not a reliable person for the company and you can fall into a spiral of debt. If information about your debt can be found in the databases, then the non-bank institution may reject your loan application. On the websites of loan companies, you will find information on which debtors’ registers are being verified. In addition, if you already have an active loan in a given loan company, you will not receive the second one until the first one has been repaid.

Another reason for refusing a quick loan online can be a lack of regular income or a very low income. People with short work experience and people working on a mandate or specific contract, in some loan companies will face rejection of the loan application.

The reason may also be errors in the form, e.g. an incorrect phone number or a typo in the name. Before sending the registration form for a quick loan online, double-check that all the details have been entered correctly. Do not provide false data in the form. Do not overstate your income and hide your financial obligations, as this will be verified.

Did you check the age criteria of borrowers with the lender before applying for a quick loan? This may be another reason for rejecting your application. If you are of the wrong age, your application will be automatically rejected regardless of your income and credit history. Always read the regulations before completing the loan form.

You submitted the application but you haven’t verified your bank account? Have you sent a verification transfer from your company or spouse’s account? In this situation, you will also get a negative decision. You must always send a verification transfer from your personal account. The data provided in the form must be consistent with the data from the bank account.

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