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Colleen Meeder

SHERMAN – Following a public forum in October and previous discussions at Sherman Village Board of Directors meetings, Mayor Colleen Meeder presented a summary of her notes on cannabis retail sales and consumption on site at the village board meeting on November 3.

Meeder began by reminding administrators that the question is not whether the village is for or against marijuana.

“The question is, will we pass local law to turn off dispensaries and on-site consumption?” “ she said. “To pass a law, you have to identify the goal: what is the intention of the law? what are we trying to prevent? “

Meeder went on to say that because, legally, marijuana can be smoked, vaped, consumed in edible form, and applied topically.

“The impacts of legalization, including the black market, are still there. “

The availability of clean, safe, quality cannabis through legal retail is not the cause of the increase in black market sales, Meeder said. Since cannabis cannot be grown and sold without a license, all other sales are illegal, she added.

Meeder reminded administrators of the importance of separating perception from fact.

“The perception of who these companies will attract is based on limited knowledge and prejudices from own personal experience”, she said.

While some residents said retail and consumer websites attract “scum,” the reality is they attract traffic that includes doctors, lawyers, engineers, professionals, as well as teachers, soccer moms and arthritis pet owners, she said.

A resident who spoke at the October 6 forum asked: “Why, if you could grow it at home (in 2022), would you need to buy it at a dispensary?” “

Meeder said the dispensaries provide safe and legal cannabis in a variety of types and flavors. Consumers can be comfortable knowing that it is grown, harvested and handled in a way that prevents mold, mildew and other pathogens, she added. Meeder then used the analogy of a bakery selling cakes to explain why people may prefer dispensaries.

“Anyone can bake a Betty Crocker cake at home with Pillsbury frosting” she said. “It’s the comparable experience of growing it in your basement or preferring to buy from a dispensary.”

A person needs a secure space and the ability to grow their own plants, Meeder said. Knowing when to harvest, ripening buds, drying and ripening for use, as well as processing to produce edibles and topical ointments are all considerations, she said. .

“Retail dispensaries offer a variety of products in a variety of flavors and shapes, in a controlled (regulated) environment, which provides the confidence of safety in a quality product.” Meeder said.

At their meeting on October 6, the members of the village board decided to send a survey to all residents. The survey asked the question: should the village give up the retail sale of cannabis and sight consumption? The letter of inquiry reminded residents that “Possession and consumption of cannabis has been legalized throughout New York State and it is legal to smoke marijuana in any area where it is permitted to smoke tobacco. “ Furthermore, “Municipalities cannot withdraw from business growth and legal personal growth, possession and consumption.”

Meeder reported on the results of the investigation. Out of 131 total responses, 78 respondents indicated that they supported the cannabis retail dispensaries in the village; 55 indicated that they were in favor of on-site consumption in the village; and 53 indicated that they did not support either dispensaries or on-site consumption in the village.

Supporters of cannabis retail dispensaries and on-site consumption cited reasons such as it will fill empty storefronts, could bring traffic and business / economic development to the village, and could provide alternative treatment. for health issues, Meeder said.

Those who oppose it said they were concerned about the type of people it would attract, the addiction and the effects of marijuana on families and children, Sherman’s perception of him as a “medication” community, as well as other statements relating to “The ignorance of the board of directors and the idiot of the mayor”, Meeder told administrators.

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